Simply Meditation Westville

Westville Civic Centre Library
1 William Leister Drive, Westville, KZN
R1200 Adults / Children R800


‘Simply Meditation helps you control the mind. When you do it with love, you will not be disturbed by anything that happens around you.’ Paramahamsa Vishwananda

Krubashini is a dentist with a holistic and biological approach and attitude. She is passionate about environmentalism and her footprint on planet earth. She has always been interested in alternate modes of healing, such as Reiki and Crystal therapy and has done courses in these fields. She believes in “from medication to meditation” as one accesses, directs and ultimately empowers oneself with the healing and uplifting benefits of Simply meditation. As one makes the journey from one’s mind to one’s heart and reconnects to the love and peace there, everything becomes possible as “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom”.
Contact: Krubashini 083 661 8934 (KZN)
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