Navaratri 2018

Maha Shanta Narasimha Temple & Maha Jwala Narasimha Centre
KZN & JHB (As shown)
Bhakti Marga SA
Free. Donations welcomed.


KZN – 10th till 19th October – Starts 19H00 Daily

JHB – 9th, 12th & 17th October – Starts 19H00

Durga has nine specific aspects to demonstrate the qualities that one needs on the spiritual path. Each night honours one of these forms and has a corresponding colour. The list below shows each day with its Devi and colour so that you can coordinate your wardrobe with the celebration:

Day 1: Shailaputri (Red) Navaratri 2018 Day 1
Day 2: Brahmacharini (White) Navaratri 2018 Day 2
Day 3: Chandraghanta Devi (Orange) Navaratri 2018 Day 3
Day 4: Kushmanda Devi (Blue) Navaratri 2018 Day 4
Day 5: Skanda Mata (Yellow) Navaratri 2018 Day 5
Day 6: Katyayani Devi (Peacock Green/Blue) Navaratri 2018 Day 6
Day 7: Kalaratri Devi (Black: dark colours encouraged) Navaratri 2018 Day 7
Day 8: Mahagauri Devi (Light: soft colours encouraged) Navaratri 2018 Day 8
Day 9: Siddhidatri (Red) Navaratri 2018 Day 9
When coming for the event, please ensure that you are dressed accordingly. Women should wear saris or ankle-length dresses. Men are asked to dress nicely or wear a kurta.

Event Poster

Event Poster