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Upcoming Events Kwadukuza

Upcoming Events at Maha Shanta Narasimha Temple Guru Purnima – 05 July 2020, Sunday, 13H00 Balarama’s Appearance Day – 03 August 2020, Monday, 19H00 Gita Week – 04 till 11 August 2020, 19H00 Daily Krishna Janmashtami – 12 August 2020, Wednesday, 19H00 Lord Varahadeva’s Appearance Day – 21 August 2020, Friday, 19H00 Ganesha Chaturthi – […]

Fullmoon OM Chanting Online

Dedicated to Expressing gratitude to the Divine for the gifts you receive. GRATITUDE FOR DIVINE BLESSINGS. ‘What we desire is not always what we get. But unknowingly, many times, we get things much more than what we expect. These are called blessings’. God is constantly showering us with blessings and gifts. Sometimes they come in […]